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Dear Friends,

There has been a great deal going on over the past year and now that we are nearing the end of our second successful year of operation we see it is time to bring you some news on what’s been happening.

Less than two years ago EBC was a mere dream, far from what the company is today. There was no factory, no jobs, no community established, no cashews being processed and few opportunities for the local community to be realized. It was only a dream.

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Now, with tireless effort from the EBC team and dear support of the local community and our customers, EBC has grown far beyond anyone’s expectations. We have built a fully functional cashew processing factory in the village of Ban, from scratch, and are producing hundreds of tons of delicious cashew nuts each season. Much more important and fulfilling though is that we have created 210 desperately needed jobs for the women of the local community, who now earn additional income for their families whilst also being educated about health, hygiene and nutrition. The women are experiencing a real sense of community in this otherwise very isolated and wide-spread region and feel proud to be part of this social & working environment, which is reflected in their support to EBC.



We have been able to give the community better employment and development opportunities for the future and are now working on further projects for more development. A yield improvement initiative is being initiated to better educate the local farming families about agricultural best-practices and the implementation of an organic farming culture is also on the go. The factory is growing and the positive impact in the region can be seen.

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We are also very excited to report about last month’s big opening ceremony for the pre-school which we have been building next to our factory over the past two months, with attending Guest of Honor the US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert Blake. The opening was a great success having welcomed 400 guests and now the school is able to accommodate 60 kids from our employees and the community, who would otherwise get only little or no education. With the school’s mission ‘to give the children of Desa Ban a headstart in life by providing a safe, healthy and enriching early learning environment’ we hope to give back to the community for their wonderful support and see the kids flourish over the coming years.

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We deeply thank you all for showing us so much support and we hope that you will to do so in the future! All this could not happen without you!

We hope these updates will be more frequent from now on.

The East Bali Cashews Team

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